Street Law Fact Sheet 4 - Applying for an extension of time to pay

  1. Complete the relevant form.
  2. Attach any necessary supporting documents.
  3. If your application is refused, you could appeal that decision, or
    look at other options for dealing with the fine.
  4. If you receive a parking or traffic fine and you are not able to pay it immediately, you can apply for more time to pay the fine (up to a maximum of 6 months). Under this option you can be given longer to save to pay the fine in full. If you prefer, you can also pay a fine by installments – see our ‘Apply to pay by installments’ factsheet. Installment plans are not time limited.

    You have 28 days from when you receive a fine to apply for an extension of time. You can still apply after 28 days but you may be issued with a reminder notice and receive a $34 reminder notice fee. After 56 days have passed your licence may be suspended, and if you apply for an extension of time you may have to provide good reasons as to why you did not apply in time.

    Your request for an extension of time should include:

  • the fine number(s) and the date that you received the fine notice(s);
  • your name, address and contact number;
  • your driver’s license number and state; and
  • the length of time requested for an extension (the maximum is 6
The Process
Parking infringement Download the relevant form from:

From the ACT Government rego website
Send the form by post, fax or email:

Parking Review Office, PO Box 582, Dickson ACT 2602
Fax: (02)6207 7107

Traffic camera infringement Complete the online form:

at the ACT Government Rego site

Send the form by post or fax:

Chief Police Officer, PO Box 582, Dickson ACT 2600

Fax: (02) 6207 7287
Traffic infringement issued by police Complete an online form:

From the ACT Government rego website

Or, print and complete the form located at

From the ACT Police Website
and post, fax or email it to:

Chief Police Officer, GPO Box 2208, Canberra ACT 2601
Fax: (02) 6245 7419


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